Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Flag day GUI Wednesday

Happy flag day!
This fun card is an itty bitty from Unity stamp company. I 
Inked it with two colors by hand and decided it is time to
Buy a Misti tool. The stars are aluminum foil cut with a star
Punch. The sentiment is another itty bitty stamp.

A huge thank you to all who currently serve or are veterans. 
I appreciate and value the freedom I enjoy because of your service.
I did a second card with another set called Ragged Ol Flag with some friends
At the senior center.
This set is huge and has many stamps. The sentiment is another itty bitty.
These are great summer stamps. 


  1. Never thought to do that with foil! Looks great! Love the red, white and blue! Angie VerDuin

  2. Great cards! I need to do something's no similar with a Canada flag stamp for our country's 150 Birthday.šŸ˜Š

  3. These are really cool. Nicely done.

  4. Love your flag cards! Great stamps!

  5. Beautiful cards!! Both designs are lovely!!

  6. Love that Itty Bitty! I need to break it out again now that I have a MISTI. Great cards, btw!

  7. Great card layouts! Love the foil stars!

  8. Great cards. I never saw that itty bitty before, but now I have to have it since my son deploys in September. Thank you for showing it.

  9. I LOVE THESE!!! I alway smoke Independence Day cards, too. I like the foil. Nice idea.

  10. Wow I love that Stamp! I have not seen that on Unity before. Must get it!

    1. I have that stamp. Love the way it stamps!